Welcome to the Evansville Masonic Lodge 64 Website ------   LODGE SUMMER PICNIC  July 30th BURDETTE PARK  Shelter House #19            Come at NOON with meal at 1:00PM           Call Your Party Count to:  WM Doug Weightman 812 598 7888            Donít forget to mention the dish you will be bringing.  

Welcome To All Our Brethren


July 30th BURDETTE PARK Shelter House #19

Come at NOON with meal at 1:00PM

Call Your Party Count to: WM Doug Weightman 812 598 7888

Donít forget to mention the dish you will be bringing.

Great News!

Joe Weigant And WM Doug attended the Grand Masters Award Ceremony and brought home the Award for 3rd Ranking Lodge in Indiana for 2016.


We are asking for volunteer workers and golf teams for Ken Roy's Golf tournament on Thursday May the 25th.

On that day we will need 6 workers to be at the FENDRICH Golf Course around 7:00 AM. Start time for the tournament is 8:00 AM.

Help will be needed for player registration, selling Mulliganís, string and handing out the gift bags. After 9:00 AM some of the volunteers could retire or go to our Lodge and help prepare Lunch for the players. Lunch will be Hamburgers, Brats, chips and soda which will be served in our dining room. For this, we will need 4 Brothers at that location.

In addition, Evansville Lodge still needs a golf team or teams. Cost is $240 per team of four, and the price includes the use of a golf cart, a gift bag and lunch at the lodge. You can pay at the door, but we do and will need a count.

During lunch there will be some prizes awarded for some of our best as well as our not so best players.

Please lend your support as we raise money for our future Grand Master Ken Roy. Thank you for considering this opportunity for service.

Contacts for workers and or teams:

Bill Reiners: 812-459-0596 / william.a.reiners@gail.com

Doug Patmore: 812-393-9975 / coroner.patmore@gmail.com

NOW IS The TIME to Apply for Scholarships

EVV64 had 4 applicants who each received this $1400.00 (est.) scholarship last year.

Applications are available from the Secretary, get them ASAP. Submission deadline is March 1st. Itís for any child of a Master Mason enrolled in an in State institution.
Eligibility & Qualification Guidelines
Applications will be accepted from Master Masons, or the sons, daughters, adopted sons or daughters, stepsons or stepdaughters of a Master Mason in good standing in his Indiana Lodge, or from the orphaned child of a deceased Master Mason who departed this life in good standing holding membership in a Lodge in the State; and,

a) has been accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate in the accredited colleges and universities of Indiana whose names appear on the list attached.

b) Applications must be submitted before the 25th birthday. Exceptions will be granted when justified; and,

c) Applicants must enroll and maintain a full time status as defined by the institution attended; and,

d) Need, demonstrated leadership ability, community service, academic standing, and moral character will be considered; and,

e) GPA, ACT, SAT and equivalent test scores will be considered by the Region Directors and the Board; and,

f) Applicants should return papers to the Sponsor's Lodge no later than March 1st. A fully completed application with required attachments and certification MUST be delivered by the Lodge to the Regional Director no earlier than February 1st nor later than March 8th to be considered.

More Info available at http://www.indianafreemasons.com/Scholarship

Evansville Lodge owns a number of, as yet unused, burial plots (30) in a special Masonic Garden in Oak Hill Cemetery. These plots are available for sale at very favorable rates and not only to our members.
Contact Jim Jones at 812 491 3667 for further information.

Submitted by Jim Jones Secretary

Evansville Lodge No. 64 Free and Accepted Masons

This year we will further focus our attentions to what we have ahead of us in 2017. We are extremely lucky to have a huge number of petitions for membership, several transfers, a number of affiliation requests, and a great line of officers to perform all of these tasks. If things continue the way they are looking. we should expect to see a real increase in membership for the first time in several years.
If you have a friend or a relative that you think would benefit from membership, give him good counsel, a petition, and encourage him to join. This lodge will always have room for more good men. It's up to us all to be out there looking for them.

Stated meetings are held on the

Second Monday of each month at 7 PM

*Masonic License Plate forms are available on-line through the Indiana Grand Lodge web page. Go to Indiana Grand Lodge, open the page, and log in. Once in, go to the RESOURCES tab and click the button. A drop down box will appear. Select Freemason License Plate, click and then download the form. Take that along with the appropriate paperwork and head off down to your local license branch. *

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Thinking about becoming a Mason? Contact us anytime. Explore the Masonic FAQ section of this website. We invite you to check out some associated affiliations listed on the Masonic Links page.

Join us in fundraising activities that will help your lodge maintain itself and disseminate valuable Masonic truths? Fundraising has helped offset many costs that might normally come out of the general funds account. YOU can make a difference! Contact our secretary and tell him you want to help.