Monday, February 9th, We will have dinner at 6:00 PM with the Stated Meeting to Follow at 7:00 PM See you there!.

Welcome To All Our Brethren

January 10th Founders Day (Indianapolis Indiana)

January 12th 7:00 PM Stated Meeting with dinner prior at 6:00 PM

January 19th 7:00 Practice for the Fellow Craft Degree

January 26th 6:00 PM Past Master Barbeque Dinner in our dining room.

February 2nd 6:00 PM Officer/Executive Meeting
February 2nd 7:00 PM Fellow Craft Degree to follow meeting

February 9th 7:00 PM Stated Meeting with dinner prior at 6:00 PM

Evansville Lodge No. 64 received its charter on May 26, A. D. 1848, A. L. 5848. The Worshipful Master for 2015 is Michael D. Barker, II. Our lodge is located at 2411 N. Lafayette Avenue.

Stated meetings are held on the

Second Monday of each month at 7 PM

*Masonic License Plate forms are available on-line through the Indiana Grand Lodge web page. Go to Indiana Grand Lodge, open the page, and log in. Once in, go to the RESOURCES tab and click the button. A drop down box will appear. Select Freemason License Plate, click and then download the form. Take that along with the appropriate paperwork and head off down to your local license branch. *

Become acquainted with the business of our lodge by viewing the Trestle Board. To view or print a copy of our quarterly newsletter, On the Square, visit the newsletter archive.

Thinking about becoming a Mason? Contact us anytime. Explore the Masonic FAQ section of this website. We invite you to check out some associated affiliations listed on the Masonic Links page.

Join us in fundraising activities that will help your lodge maintain itself and disseminate valuable Masonic truths? Fundraising has helped offset many costs that might normally come out of the general funds account. YOU can make a difference! Contact our secretary and tell him you want to help.