The Worshipful Master has extended his invitation to you and your lady to attend our traditional  “Ladies’ Night” celebration.   Please join us for a nice dinner, some good conversation, and a few friendly remarks from our worshipful master.  We might even use this time to thank a few of our special friends who have given so many years to this fraternity.        When:  DECEMBER 10th           Time: 6:30 PM              Where: Hadi Shrine Red Fez Restaurant  (2nd Floor)            RSVP: 812-484-9625  or        Cost: Your companionship for the evening.                Dress code will be sport jacket and tie for the men;  Dress or pant suits for the ladies.        Thank you;  Michael Barker, II;  Worshipful Master

Welcome To All Our Brethren

Evansville Lodge No. 64 Free and Accepted Masons

As hard as it is to believe, fall is fast approaching. As a lodge, we have had a lot of blessings bestowed upon us in 2015. As they always say, count your blessings to prepare you for the coming day. Here are a few blessings that come to my mind. It is up to you to add your own.

1 Our new home at 2411 N. Lafayette Avenue, Evansville, IN
2 Our talented brethren who worked so hard to make this new place HOME
3 The return of our esteemed Past Masters, who have been absent far too long.
4. The influx of many new petitions and transfers coming to our lodge.
5. The honor of having a Grand Master who is from Evansville Lodge 64.
6. Having a Junior Grand Deacon selected from our lodge to serve the Fraternity
7. Having a young and excited officer line that will lead us for years to come.
8. Having some dedicated Past Masters helping our officers learn their way.
9. Having a piano dedicated to us by Bob Poland, of Gentryville Lodge #424.
10 Having a fantastic place to host lodge fundraisers and meet the community.
11 Having a wonderful place to offer to our members to hang out and socialize.
12 Having families that have stood by us as we made this great new home.

Now, even though reflection is good for the soul, it is healthier to plan for the future. Now is the time to bring in new petitions, new ideas for projects, and the time to bring back your talent as a ritualist.

Also, if you have someone who has been considering joining the fraternity and his time is limited. Consider telling him about the One Day Class on October 17th being hosted by Lessing Lodge #464. This might be what it takes to bring him in as a new brother. It will be up to you to get him involved and keep him coming.

Let's grow your lodge. We can do it one new member at a time!

Evansville Lodge No. 64 received its charter on May 26, A. D. 1848, A. L. 5848. The Worshipful Master for 2015 is Michael D. Barker, II. Our lodge is located at 2411 N. Lafayette Avenue.

Stated meetings are held on the

Second Monday of each month at 7 PM

*Masonic License Plate forms are available on-line through the Indiana Grand Lodge web page. Go to Indiana Grand Lodge, open the page, and log in. Once in, go to the RESOURCES tab and click the button. A drop down box will appear. Select Freemason License Plate, click and then download the form. Take that along with the appropriate paperwork and head off down to your local license branch. *

Become acquainted with the business of our lodge by viewing the Trestle Board. To view or print a copy of our quarterly newsletter, On the Square, visit the newsletter archive.

Thinking about becoming a Mason? Contact us anytime. Explore the Masonic FAQ section of this website. We invite you to check out some associated affiliations listed on the Masonic Links page.

Join us in fundraising activities that will help your lodge maintain itself and disseminate valuable Masonic truths? Fundraising has helped offset many costs that might normally come out of the general funds account. YOU can make a difference! Contact our secretary and tell him you want to help.