Welcome to the Evansville Masonic Lodge 64 Website....  

My brothers, I wish first to thank you for electing me to the office of Junior Warden. It will be my pleasure to serve you and I will do my best to fulfill the obligations that come with the office.

We have a strong line of officers and we will begin once again conferring degrees, this time in our very own lodge! Our new home is nearly completed and we have lots of items that you will never see in another lodge.

On December 27th Evansville hosted the "Feast of St. John" and I heard the we had several compliments on our new home. This event was the first time we had outside Lodges join us but previously we had experienced several firsts. We have had our first stated meeting, our first degree, The Past Master Degree for our W.M. Mike Barker and have installed the first of many officer lines in this building of which I am proud.

Now it is time we get to work making new Masons. We will be having degrees and hopefully frequent practices to learn the intricacies of our new system of lights. We can use your help and will be calling on many of you to participate in numerous ways. Our new home is accessible to everyone with the newest of restrooms, steps in front of the building and a ramp on the side for those who have trouble with steps.

In the event that you think you would have trouble getting past the Tyler because it has been a long time, ....rest assured that your fears are NOT well founded. If you have a dues card, you WILL get in. If your reason for not coming is that you do not have transportation, a call to an officer will result in us finding a way to get you to lodge.

Please join us in celebrating our first year in what I proudly refer to as "Freemason's Hall".

Scott J. Wink, P.M.