Welcome to the Evansville Masonic Lodge 64 Website....  

Another great year is rolling along nicely for Evansville 64. Of special interest is the change in our Stated Meetings.

By vote of the Lodge we have embraced the Executive Committee Program as of August this year. This program calls for the officers and any interested members to conduct the majority of Lodge business in the Executive Committee Meeting which will be on the first Monday of each Month (Tuesday if Monday is a Holiday). Presentation and voting on Petitions remains with the full membership on Stated Meeting night. This will include presentation of the Minutes, Bills and other mundane business of the Lodge leaving more time available on Stated Meeting nights for Special speakers, Masonic Education, Member Hi-lites and other more enjoyable pursuits.

Please consider attending a Stated Meeting soon. It isnít Granddads Lodge any more!

Jim Jones Secretary